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Yearly Archives: 2016

ether.camp Launches its Second Global Hacking Event with a $50,000 Grand Prize

In November be part of a transformative event that for 5 weeks will involve some of the world’s top developers, designers and entrepreneurs, coming together online to compete for a […]

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Win 150 Bitcoin In The BetBaller.com 2016/2017 English Premier League Giveaway

Win 150 Bitcoin In The BetBaller.com 2016/2017 English Premier League Giveaway 500 players can predict the top 8 in the right order at Christmas before August 12th and win 150 […]

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New Bitcoin Exchange, Bitxoxo.com Sets a New Standard in India

27 July, 2016 Telangana, India —– New company, Bitxoxo launches, providing the public with the best bitcoin exchange services available in India. Bitxoxo.com is the first bitcoin exchange company offering […]

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Bitcoin & Blockchain News Round-up: July 8th 2016

Another round-up of the news surrounding the Bitcoin and blockchain technology space for July 8th, 2016. North Carolina Governor Signs Bitcoin-Friendly Law Today the North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed […]

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A Bunch of Useful Lisk Resources That Will Help You Get Started

What is this shiny blue crystal and what can it really do for us? The Lisk project does a few things differently when compared with other cryptocurrencies. So we decided […]

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Swedish Bitcoin Mining Giant KnC Miner Declares Bankruptcy

What comes as a surprise to many in the Swedish startup scene might not come as a surprise to others in the Bitcoin industry. The Swedish Bitcoin mining company KnC […]

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KeepKey LLC Buys Multibit the Bitcoin Wallet Software

Today MultiBit announced that KeepKey LLC the creator of the intuitive Bitcoin hardware wallet will be buying the wallet client MultiBit. According to the statement posted on Multibits website the […]

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How To Easily Mine Ethereum Without Any Technical Know-how

If you been around the cryptosphere for a while the word Ethereum come as no news. Ethereum is currently the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization after Bitcoin, and shows […]

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