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A Bunch of Useful Lisk Resources That Will Help You Get Started

A Bunch of Useful Lisk Resources That Will Help You Get Started

BTC Casino / 10th June 2016

What is this shiny blue crystal and what can it really do for us? The Lisk project does a few things differently when compared with other cryptocurrencies. So we decided outline the differences and gather a few resources that we think could benefit you as you dive deeper into Lisk and the world of sidechains.
For those of you who haven’t been around the world of crypto lately, Lisk is a new blockchain application and sidechain platform, providing a full stack solution for the most widespread programming language in the world – JavaScript. Lisk aims to provide one of the best cryptocurrency user experience with its easily manageable user interface and its integrated Dapp Store (or as they like to call it, Blockchain App Store). Lisk is prepared to become the de facto standard for decentralized applications and custom blockchains developed in JavaScript.
Lisk is based on the DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism. This method of consensus was originally created by the BitShares team. The block time is 10 seconds. Where newly created blocks are broadcasted to the network and added to the blockchain. After 6 to 10 confirmations, a block, along with its transactions, can be considered as confirmed.
A few things make Lisk stand out from the crowd, the most significant one is its use of sidechains. When you create a blockchain application with Lisk, that application gets its own sidechain, rather than running on the same chain as the other applications.
Most cryptocurrencies that provide the ability to deploy smart contracts or decentralized applications do so on the main chain. The same chain that the application for currency is on. The way Lisk use sidechains fundamentally change that concept.
The cryptocurrency that first revolutionized the field of smart contracts and decentralized applications was Ethereum. The same abilities are now being added to Bitcoin as similar technologies are being pushed into the core protocol and also developed externally to connect with the Bitcoin blockchain.
The way Lisk is generated (minted, forged) is also different when compared to other Proof-of-Work-based cryptocurrencies. The first Lisk (LSK) was sold in an IPO (presale). After that, rather than mining the currency, the LSK will be generated by the top 101 delegates. The delegates are voted by the community and can at any time change, based on votes. The 101 delegates (nodes) will be reward with LSK for confirming transactions and securing the networks sidechains.

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Lisk Resources

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The Basics
The Lisk resources found in this section will teach you the very basics and how to get started.

Get Started
If you are brand new to the concept of Lisk, and cryptocurrency for that matter, the get started section provided by the team behind Lisk will guide you through the process of creating your first web wallet and how to get hold of some Lisk (LSK) for you to play around with.
Lisk Academy
The Lisk Academy initiative was started to introduce more people to the project. Rather than just being another cryptocurrency, the team behind Lisk is trying to introduce the concept of blockchains, sidechains, and decentralization to the masses. In the Lisk Academy, you get neat tutorials on everything from how to create your first wallet to how to add SSL certificates to your very own sidechain and blockchain application.
Lisk Support Desk & FAQ
If you have basic questions regarding Lisk and the web wallet you can turn to the Zendesk powered Lisk support and FAQ. They will help you answer questions like “I lost my passphrase to my LISK, what do I do?” or “I can’t validate my passphrase, please help?”.

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Lisk Documentation & Whitepaper
The Lisk documentation and whitepaper is a great resource for those who want to get a deeper understanding of the project.

Official Lisk Documentation
With the help of the official Lisk documentation, you can get a deeper understanding of the core functions and philosophies that underpin Lisk. A must read for those who want to get and in-depth knowledge of the project and maybe later build blockchain applications on Lisk’s sidechain infrastructure.
The Lisk Whitepaper
The Lisk whitepaper explains the underlying technical foundation of the Lisk core.

Useful Lisk Tools
The tools found below will help you monitor the transaction, blocks and the network.

Lisk Block Explorer
The Lisk blockchain explorer, similar to the once found for Bitcoin, and basically any other cryptocurrency out there. A block explorer is an essential tool for any cryptocurrency, it’s where you monitor all blocks and public transactions within the distributed ledger.
Activity Graph
The Activity Graph is a live graphical visualization of the Lisk blockchain. When opened the latest block in the chain is visualized. Subsequent blocks are added to the graph as they are forged by the network. The graph can handle 20 blocks before it’s automatically reset to the current block height and start the process all over again.
Network Monitor
On the Network Monitor, you can spectate useful information about the Lisk network. Data of latest block, best block, the volume of Lisk transferred within the last 24 hours and peers connected to the network and their location and what operating system they are running.
Lisk Delegates Monitor
With the Delegates Monitor you can monitor delegates (nodes) that is confirming transactions securing the network and its sidechains.

Stay Up-to-date With the Latest News
Useful Lisk resources that will help you get going.

Official Lisk Blog
The official Lisk Blog is a great place to stay up to date with the latest news surrounding the core project and its development progress.
/r/Lisk/ is the official subreddit for the project. Here you can share and find the latest news, information and video links that concerns Lisk.
/r/Delegates/ is the place to share and discuss Lisk delegates (nodes).
If you are into trading and want to discuss trades or stay on top of the latest Lisk news that can impact the price of Lisk /r/LSKtrader/ is the place for you.

Connect With Like-Minded People in the Lisk Community
Useful Lisk resources that will help you get going.

Official Lisk Chat Room
The official Lisk chat is a great place to start connect with other people in the community.
Official Lisk Forum
The official Lisk forum is a great place to ask in-depth questions regarding the protocol. The forum got sections covering all aspects of Lisk, from marketing to the building process of blockchain applications and sidechains.

Lisk Market Price & Charts
Useful Lisk resources that will help you get going.

Lisk Market Capitalization
CoinMarketCap was the first website to provide a marketcap for most cryptocurrencies exiting today, now they also list Lisk (LSK).
Lisk Price
If you want to get the current price of Lisk (LSK) Coingecko provides an index based on the average price across all exchanges trading Lisk (LSK).

Exchanges Trading With Lisk (LSK)
Find markets where Lisk (LSK) is being traded.

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Free Lisk (LSK)
You can earn free Lisk by completing simple tasks like completing captchas.

Lisk Faucets
With faucets you can earn free Lisk simply by completing simple tasks as completing captachas.
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