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Transfer Your Tokens With ADAMANT Messenger or Use ADAMANT 2FA

Transfer Your Tokens With ADAMANT Messenger or Use ADAMANT 2FA

BTC Casino / 10th December 2018

Different types of cooperation often give growing companies a large share of support and overall sustainability on the market—this can be seen from experience of already existing technological history, as well as from simple observations of actions and outcomes on the classic trading market for nearly a hundred years.
Crypto market is a rather new field but many enthusiasts have already developed a number of progressive blockchain- and token-based projects. With this in mind, the more partnerships are made, the better as they provide many opportunities for both sides.
In order to support each other, ADAMANT conducts an intensive search for partners: individuals, communities and conceptual projects, that want to cooperate with a decentralized messenger for common profit and a number of other useful benefits.
Secure storage and transmission of coins within chat rooms is one of available options for crypto projects.
ADAMANT team already managed to integrate Ethereum’s ETH and ADAMANT’s ADM. What’s more, recently introduced support for Binance’s BNB coin:

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After that, ADAMANT drew attention of the founder of Binance, Mr. Zhao and Binance on the whole.
According to the comparison chart, today ADAMANT is one of the safest messengers to use. Therefore, there is a possibility for you of our assistance for the technical implementation of the ADAMANT messaging system. For example, local work networks, specialized applications, and similar technical solutions based or somehow requiring the use of a private messenger network.

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One of the recently developed features is the ADAMANT’s 2FA Solution.
Briefly, this is a thought-out, individual 2FA system that uses the ADAMANT messaging network to get a confirmation code safely. What’s more, messenger lets you do it much cheaper than unsecure SMS service.
The partnership can bring many opportunities for both parties. In addition, such collaboration will improve user experience.
“Looking for partners” page will provide you with more information on the matter. You can learn more about ADAMANT blockchain messenger on the main page of the website, download Messenger and try it.
Contact information:
[email protected]
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