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Swedish Crypto Trader Taxed for 300% of His Total Profits by the STA

There’s something plain wrong when governments tax citizens beyond restriction. A Swedish crypto trader found a government check for almost $1 million from the country’s tax agency. Linus Dunker claimed […]

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Laundering Money Through V-Bucks is a Big Hit Among Criminals

There are a few things that made stronger impressions than Fortnite in 2018. Having over 200 million users makes that game the undisputed, most successful game of last year. Epic […]

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WCX: Investing Bitcoin in the Financial Markets has never been easier

One of the most important factors for successful investing has always been diversification. A lot of beginner investors learned this the hard way, by going all in on Crypto and […]

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Kraken has been flooded with Tether tokens, despite the downtrend

There is a huge flood of Tether (USDT) tokens into 1 particular wallet address. The address belongs to the Kraken exchange. Kraken remains one of the few places in the […]

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