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CryptoSkull Review – The lucrative and addictive minesweeper type litecoin, bitcoin game.

CryptoSkull Review – The lucrative and addictive minesweeper type litecoin, bitcoin game.

BTC Casino / 22nd January 2019

Cryptoskull – blockchain-based bitcoin gambling website
This minesweeper style litecoin, bitcoin game was launched toward the end of 2017 and gradually gained its popularity in the end of 2018. This unique game including a slight twist is something similar to a minesweeper mixed with the provably fair dice. The attractive pirate-themed design makes it even more fun and addictive. This uncomplicated site is easy to navigate and signing up is very quick but the great part is that players can remain anonymous at all cost.
Cryptoskull doesn’t provide any deposit bonuses or promotions, but they do have a faucet. Claiming from the faucet is easy and you can claim it every 30 minutes. Many players like casinos offering a faucet which gives their users an opportunity to try playing basically for free. This is good if you have doubts to play strive it out free of charge before making a deposit.
Minesweeper style litecoin, bitcoin gambling game.
 It is quick, simple and very easy to use especially for the newcomers, but if you have played minesweeper before you’ll know how addictive and fun it can get. There are three difficulty levels of the game to choose from: easy, medium and hard options. There is the alternative to look at the minesweeper board in a range of currencies including Satoshi, mBTC, BTC, Euro and USD. So you can make your Bitcoin/Litecoin wager and start flipping over tiles from three tiers. Each ladder step is giving you a double of the previous wager with a special bonus for reaching the top. Players have the ability for cashing out at any given time as long as they haven’t hit the busting tile. With the progression of bitcoin casinos, one must is to consider only taking part in bitcoin gambling games which are provably fair — Cryptoskull ticks this box! On the other side of the game is the hall of fame leaderboard and the current players/wagering details. Leaderboard features the daily biggest winners and it allows you to track your own results.
Cryptoskull is a blockchain-based provably fair litecoin, bitcoin gambling game accepting 2 completely different digital currencies. Supported cryptocurrencies include Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC). Making a deposit is quick via the QR code and are considered complete after 2 confirmations within the blockchain. There is a minimum withdrawal quantity of 100 000 sat and you can only make a withdrawal after wagering a total of 30 000 sat and once your deposits have had a minimum of 6 confirmations in the blockchain. It is noted on the website that in the case of large or larger withdrawals that it might take some time and be processed manually. It also states that this is very rare and manual withdrawals are processed on business days from 12:00 to 18:00 universal time.
New and entertaining bitcoin game to try –  Cryptoskull
Consider Cryptoskull, because big multipliers for risk takers are the keywords for this platform. Their clever design and unique twist on the minesweeper game are two of the main reasons for playing on this bitcoin gambling website. Not only do they accept Bitcoin and Litecoin however they also provide a reasonable faucet. The game may be played in three totally various settings. Players who are searching for some unique blockchain fun with a potential for large wins are going to be satisfied with what Cryptoskull has to offer. The provably fair feature is also available adding a sense of security. Deposits and withdrawals are simple and additionally if you invite your friends to play Cryptoskull they provide an excellent referral program.
Website link: https://cryptoskull.com/bitcoin/
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The post Australian Gov’t Agency Unimpressed, Says Blockchain ‘At the Top of the Hype Cycle’ appeared first on BTC Casino Gambling.

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